Fun Facts

As a kid, Carroll was pretty popular in school; a social butterfly who befriended everyone that came into her circle. She had her group of friends that she was closest to but didn't shun anyone who wanted to join in. Caroll never liked bullies and stood up for the ones who were being picked and less popular than their peers. Having such a low tolerance for bullies is the very element that fuels the fire for her passion to stand up to the insurance giants.

Carroll was born and raised in Louisville, Kentucky. "Ya'll" is a frequently used word in her vocabulary. Don't be fooled by her southern twang thinking she only knows about riding horses barefooted on blue grass. She lived in Geneva, Switzerland for almost 10 years where she nearly lost her Kentucky southern draw to the point where Kentuckians asked where she was from! The Swiss experience taught her a new culture and an appreciation for her own as well as others. Though she learned French at the University of Louisville prior to her move, she really learned how to speak the language when she lived in the francophone country.

Carroll currently lives in Bullitt County, Kentucky. She has two daughters, one is grown with a family of her own, and her youngest is four years old. Every spring and fall Carroll coaches her four year old's Her youngest daughter's father passed away when she was 19 months old. Having her own business affords her the flexibility to be a mother and a business woman. God first, family second, and job third is the virtue she lives by.