A Public Adjuster is an insurance claims professional who represents the policyholder in all aspects of the claim process, NOT the insurance company. Your PA has you at their best interest while an insurance adjuster from your insurance company has your insurance company at their best interest; hence why you're low-balled on your claim.
Yes, of course! Public Adjusters are licensed by their home state's department of insurance just the same way as your insurance company's adjuster.
You have a right to use a Public Adjuster to adjust your claim just the same as your insurance company has a right to use an insurance adjuster. The insurance company can simply drop you for making a claim, especially if they feel you made too many.
Usually a few weeks after the adjuster has approved your claim.
This varies from client to client and adjuster to adjuster. Just because a PA is involved doesn't mean the process will go faster, but it'll go smoother and efficiently as your PA knows the claim processes. This process is contingent on how easy your adjuster is to work with, their timeliness in communication, who all is involved in the claim approval, if a second inspection is needed or any expert opinions, etc.
My fees are a percentage of the amount I settle for your claim.
No. I can only negotiate insurance settlements by the provisions of your insurance policy.
Most of the time, a Public Adjuster can settle your claim without any legal involvement.